If you are interested in learning more about the blockchain industry and want to hear from some of the biggest thought leaders in the space, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by R3's Catherine Rutter, you will hear from a plethora of guests in the blockchain world. The first few episodes star appearances with Mike Hearn, Colin Platt, and CommodDT co-founders. Be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast!


Title Date published
Episode 0: Podcast Teaser 2018-02-11
Episode 25: Leggo my Eggo, blockchain style with Jorge Lesmes 2019-03-22
Episode 24: It all starts with Schrute Bucks... plus Stephanie Perez talks about how the healthcare industry can use blockchain 2019-03-08
Episode 23: Dave Hudson mic drops about 5 times 2019-02-20
Episode 22: The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance's Christopher McDaniel on insurance use cases on blockchain (specifically Corda). We aren't biased thoooo 2019-02-01
Episode 21: Announcing Corda Network.... anddddd James Carlyle was lost at sea for a month. Say what?! 2019-01-16
Episode 20: What is blockchain famous? Ft. James Graham 2019-01-10
Episode 19: Cryptography with Kostas 2018-12-28
Episode 18: Corda Settler. A hip chat with Todd McDonald, Roger Willis, and David Nicol. 2018-12-07
Episode 17: Blockchain 101 2018-12-06
Episode 16: "If I'm gonna bet my job on this new blockchain application....." 2018-11-15
Episode 15: All things Tokens - Todd, Richard, and Kevin from R3 all hit us with some #TOKENTALK 2018-10-30
Episode 14: Blockchain hot topic alert: Insurance with Ryan Rugg 2018-10-11
Episode 13: Catherine learns about nodes via Tupperware containers and Kochava CEO Charles Manning calls in from Idaho! 2018-09-26
Episode 12: Austin drops more knowledge and Aishwarya Balaji joins the pod! 2018-08-30
SPECIAL: A small window into Mike Hearn's brain - Corda, blockchain, Starbucks, AI, car loans, IoT.... 2018-08-17
Episode 11: Blogs, Blobs, and Block(chain)s. Kari Larsen from Reed Smith joins #LitFC to talk FinTech and RegTech. 2018-08-01
Episode 10: Corda Enterprise is here - Exclusive Ep. with R3's Richard Gendal Brown. #BLOCKCHAIN 2018-07-10
Episode 9: The interns are drinking the Kool-Aid and how lucky are we, Perianne Boring Joins #LitFC 2018-06-21
Episode 8: How the music industry can benefit from this tech. Benji Rogers talks blockchain... and NSYNC and Britney 2018-06-07

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