Lost Highways from History Colorado explores stories about Colorado and the American West--overlooked stories about how we got to now and how our region has shaped the world. Hosts Noel Black and Tyler Hill take listeners well beyond the “mountains and marijuana” stereotypes to uncover stories about their home state they can’t believe they never heard. Lost Highways is presented by the Sturm Family Foundation.


Title Date published
Bonus Ep: Game Changers 2020-02-25
Bonus Ep: United 629/Take the Lost Highways Survey! 2019-12-13
Mascots, Mask Off 2019-11-27
Rock Around the Bloc 2019-11-13
The Dearest Field 2019-10-30
The Passion of Alan Berg 2019-10-16
Bonsai Behind Barbed Wire 2019-10-02
Six Gay Weddings and a Horse 2019-09-18
Trailer 2019-08-27

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