Your one-stop 5D superhero listening spot, WORD UP with Dani Katz is home to a hefty handful of high-vibing, consciousness expanding, empowering af podcast series, including: Words (R) Matter (Quantum Languaging hacks and conscious communication upgrades) Planetary Service Announcements (Sassy-pants cultural critiques and upgrades) Spot the Propaganda (Like Where's Waldo?, only with mind control embedded in mainstream media and controlled "alt" media) Plus, deep-diving, edge-pushing, solutions-based conversations with original thinkers, visionary weirdos and rebel badasses who are making the world more wonderful.


Title Date published
On the Shape of the Planet with Ryan Di Somma of Standup911 2023-11-29
Astrological Racism with The Peace Dealer 2023-11-22
Tips for Truthers with Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide Author John Kirwin 2023-11-15
The Inverted Matrix, Stargate Stewarding + (Other) High Interdimensional Strangeness with Jayne Sullycole 2023-11-08
The Creative Process (Post-Divide + Conquer Psyop) with Lauren Mantecon 2023-11-01
Masculinity, Monogamy and Neutrality with Troy Casey 2023-10-25
Bio-Remediation, Zero-Point Economics, Celebrity Sex Scandals + the Starfuckers Who Inspire Them w/ Sacha Stone 2023-10-18
Inclusivity, Personal Responsibility and Victim/Freedom Dance with Richard Rudd 2023-10-11
Anarchy, Energetic Aikido + Redshifting with Guru Singh 2023-10-04
Just Say No to Automation, and Other Social Engineering Scams 2023-09-27
Grid-Working, Land-Stewarding and Earth Healing with Jayne Sullycole 2023-09-20
Why It’s on Gen X to Step Up and Save Humanity with Remington Donovan 2023-09-13
Synchromystic Road-Tripping with Michael Wann 2023-09-06
Psychedelics Psych-Outs: The Clutch-Crucial Psychedelic Conversation No One Else Is Having with Gina Devani 2023-08-30
Ideological Break-Ups, the Songs They Inspire and Re-Mytholigizing Beauty with Jacqueline Rendell 2023-08-23
Jesus Was the First Psyop with Robert Forte 2023-08-16
“Trans” Spell-Casting, Psychedelic Moderating and Verbing Nouns: A Solo Pod Romp with Yours Truly 2023-08-12
“Psychedelics and the Military Industrial Complex with Vincent Rado” 2023-08-09
Psychedelic Psyops + the Origins of Language with Jay Stevens 2023-07-26
From Alt. Journalism to SEL with LA Weekly Founder Jay Levin 2023-07-19

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