Your one-stop 5D superhero listening spot, WORD UP with Dani Katz is home to a hefty handful of high-vibing, consciousness expanding, empowering af podcast series, including: Words (R) Matter (Quantum Languaging hacks and conscious communication upgrades) Planetary Service Announcements (Sassy-pants cultural critiques and upgrades) Spot the Propaganda (Like Where's Waldo?, only with mind control embedded in mainstream media and controlled "alt" media) Plus, deep-diving, edge-pushing, solutions-based conversations with original thinkers, visionary weirdos and rebel badasses who are making the world more wonderful.


Title Date published
Dishing Deep and Fierce on Gene Keys, Globalist Fuckery and Awakening with Epiphanio 2022-11-30
Misinformation, MeToo, Fact-Free Journalism, Fake Science + Mirth with Eric Coppolino 2022-11-23
On Jewishness with Charles Eisenstein 2022-11-16
Deep Woo with Niish 2022-11-09
Daylight Savings Psyop-portunity with Michael Wann 2022-11-08
Fascia, Freedom and Flow with Anna Rahe 2022-11-02
Inside the Gene Keys with Elijah Parker 2022-10-26
Deep Astrology with the Peace Dealer 2022-10-19
The Informed Field with Michele Worstell 2022-10-12
The Gene Keys Garden vs. The Dream Arc Jungle with Richard Rudd 2022-10-05
Science vs. Scientism, Hippocratic Hypocrisy and What the Hell is Chickenpox, Anyway? 2022-09-28
Parmenides, Persuasion, Plato and Publishing with The Crimis 2022-09-21
The Lay of the (New Mexico) Land with Karen Bedonie 2022-09-14
Deep and Tender with Guru Singh 2022-09-07
The Man/Woman, Sex, ED, All of It Sitch with Shari James 2022-08-31
Marxist Mind Control: The 3-Point Formula with Naomi Wolf 2022-08-27
Taking the Collective Temperature with Ascentia Fox 2022-08-24
Managing the Matrix and Slipping Between the Cracks with Sonia Barrett 2022-08-17
Turning a Winter of Discontent into a Smart Girl Summer with Amy Dee 2022-08-10
Fundamentalism as a Language Virus with Antero Alli 2022-08-03

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