The NCECA 360 podcast is the official podcast for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. The biweekly podcast features ceramic news, information, interviews with artists, and exclusive NCECA Conference coverage.


Title Date published
11: Brian Jones talks with Stu Kestenbaum about the Make/Time Podcast 2018-01-25
10: Sustainable Ceramics with Nancy Selvage, David Binns and Guido Strijbos 2017-08-22
9: Brian Jones talks with Nancy Blum about public art and her multifaceted career 2017-06-15
8: Clay Stories 2016 with Steven Branfman and Deborah Chronister 2016-08-18
7: Fueling personal innovation with the 2016 emerging artists 2016-05-31
6: Mentorship with David Macdonald, Sharif Bey, Gail Kendall, and David Eichelberger 2016-04-29
5: Boredom, Repetition and the Creative Act with Janet Deboos 2016-01-28
4: Making substantial and meaningful art with Patti Warashina, Tip Toland, and Wally Bivins 2015-12-09
3: Clay Stories 2015 with Steven Branfman and Owen Dearing 2015-11-12
2: Maintaining an Authentic Voice- Field, Garceau, Casto, O’Briant, Lugo and Powell 2015-10-14
1: Studio Practice/ Entrepreneurial Attitude with Brayman, Horie, Meadows & Beasecker 2015-09-12

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