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Title Date published
Wearables and AI Analytics Are Changing Medicine (w/ Dr. Lloyd Minor) and What Happens to Your Brain After a Breakup 2020-07-07
How Summer Affects COVID-19, Why So Many Mars Missions Are Launching in July, and Exercise More by Copying Your Friends 2020-07-06
Why You Should Argue to Learn, Dogs Want to Rescue You, and Do Blind People Dream? 2020-07-03
What Neanderthal Genes Are Doing in Your DNA, The Time Photosynthesis Killed Nearly All Life on Earth, and the Inventor of “Do, Re, Mi” Notation 2020-07-02
Qualified Immunity in Police Misconduct, Why Longing Is Important in Relationships, and Wandering Stars Regularly Visit Our Solar System 2020-07-01
Loving Your Job May Lead to Unethical Behavior, Bumblebees Bite Plants to Make Them Bloom, and Jupiter’s Moons Formed from Specks of Dust 2020-06-30
Periodical Cicadas 101, Why Smarter People Choke Under Pressure, and Analyzing DNA to Solve the Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery 2020-06-29
The Psychology of ‘Animal Crossing,’ How a Failed Death Ray Led to Radar, and Intrusive Thoughts Explained 2020-06-26
Tap into the 4 Pillars of Learning (w/ Stanislas Dehaene) and How We Get Seedless Fruit 2020-06-25
New Science on How We Learn (w/ Stanislas Dehaene), Why Stores Use Air Curtains, and Desert Microbes that Dissolve Rocks with Acid 2020-06-24
Virtual Therapy vs. In-Person Therapy, How Redlining Deepened Segregation in US Cities, and Earth’s Drifting Magnetic Poles 2020-06-23
Lockdown Is Changing Our Perception of Time, a Devastating Meteor that Never Landed, and Elephants Can Catch Yawns from Humans 2020-06-22
Juneteenth’s Origins, Change Your Routine to Be Happier, and Why Americans Don’t Say “Maths” 2020-06-19
Climate Justice 101 (w/ Katharine Hayhoe), Why Peanut Butter Gets Gum Out of Hair, and How Gaslighting Makes You Question Your Sanity 2020-06-18
What Science Says About Fat-Burning Foods, Do Great Things by Being a Part of Something Greater, and Telling Male and Female Dinosaurs Apart 2020-06-17
Modern Benefits from Archaeological Discoveries (w/ Mary Prendergast and Elizabeth Sawchuk) and Hearing Body Language 2020-06-16
Making Life Decisions on a Coin Flip, How You Respond to 2 Types of Injustice, and Why Otters Juggle Rocks 2020-06-15
Why People Protest According to Psychology, How Scientists Made Blind People “See” Shapes, and May’s Curiosity Challenge 2020-06-12
Hope in the Fight Against Climate Change (w/ Katharine Hayhoe) and Overcoming Bedtime Procrastination 2020-06-11
Why Rainy Days Make You Sleepy, A Fix for AI’s Energy Appetite, and Solving Geology’s Mystery of the “Great Unconformity” 2020-06-10

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