Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion: Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve become obsessed with understanding what makes us healthy or ill. I want to live the best life I can and I want to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they can do the same. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. If you want to know how to live the most radical life possible I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Title Date published
Are we “civilized to death?” With Chris Ryan, PhD 2021-04-06
Is intermittent fasting the best way to heal your gut? With Dr. Will Cole. 2021-03-29
Animal-Based vs. Plant-Based, a friendly debate with Joel Fuhrman, MD 2021-03-22
Controversial Thoughts: Your skin issues are related to your diet!! 2021-03-19
Animal-Based vs Plant-Paradox, A friendly debate with Steven Gundry, MD 2021-03-15
How to escape the human zoo, part 2 of the Africa Adventures podcast with Anthony Gustin 2021-03-09
Controversial Thoughts: Is Honey Really the Same As Sugar? 2021-03-05
I Answer Your Burning Questions! Ask Me Anything (AMA) #3  2021-03-01
Controversial Thoughts: Should you include calcium on your Carnivore or Animal-Based diet? 2021-02-26
Our journey to the last hunter-gatherers on the planet! with Anthony Gustin 2021-02-22
Controversial Thoughts: What I missed most during my trip to Africa 2021-02-19
Is hunting a fundamental part of the human experience? With Mansal Denton 2021-02-15
Is sugar really the cause of tooth decay? With Dr. Steven Lin 2021-02-08
Controversial Thoughts: How I maintain an #AnimalBased diet while traveling! 2021-02-05
Carnivore vs Traditional Chinese Medicine, A friendly debate with Josh Axe 2021-02-01
Controversial Thoughts: My experience with COVID! 2021-01-29
The fascinating case of a mystery autoimmune illness reversed with an Animal-Based diet, with Mary Ruddick, CNC. 2021-01-25
Can an Animal-Based Diet reverse heart disease and diabetes? With Sean O’Mara, MD. 2021-01-19
Controversial Thoughts: How is an Animal-Based diet different than a Paleo diet? 2021-01-15
The Omega-6 Apocalypse, are seed oils to blame for diabetes, heart attacks, and chronic disease ? 2021-01-11

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