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Title Date published
Abdominal Wall Defects in the Newborn 2020-09-25
Approach to Pediatric Lymphoma 2020-09-11
Congenital Syphilis 2020-09-04
Congenital Tracheoesophageal Anomalies 2020-08-10
Transgender Health: Transitioning with a Focus on Hormone Replacement Therapy 2020-07-12
Approach to Cyanosis in a Neonate 2020-06-30
Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures (PNES) in Children and Youth 2020-06-23
A Plant-Based Diet for Children and Adolescents 2020-06-12
Approach to Pediatric Neck Masses 2020-06-10
Approach to Brain Tumors in Children 2020-05-30
Consumption and Taxation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages - CPS Podcast 2020-05-18
Late Effects of Childhood Cancer 2020-05-12
Infantile Colic 2020-05-07
Approach to Pediatric ECG -- Part 2 2020-05-02
Approach to Pediatric ECG -- Part 1 2020-05-02
Approach to Pediatric Psoriasis - Audio 2020-04-17
Approach to Pediatric Psoriasis - Video 2020-04-17
Approach to Adrenal Insufficiency 2020-04-01
Caring for children and youth from Canadian military families: Special considerations - CPS Podcast 2020-03-28
Indigenous Child Health in Canada – Part III: Future (Video) 2020-03-17

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