Join Alanah Pearce (game writer), Mike Bithell (game director), and Austin Wintory (game composer) as they talk about all the games, movies, TV and 'whatever else' that took their interest that week, from three unique perspectives in the games industry.


Title Date published
155. Alanah is Suddenly Obsessed with 1993's Myst 2024-07-02
154. Our thoughts on Summer Game Fest... & Music Licensing 2024-06-17
153. Games Journalism is Very, Very Broken 2024-05-29
152. The Fallout TV Show ft. Tim Cain (the creator of Fallout!) 2024-05-11
151. From Actor to Game Director! 2024-04-29
149. This year's GDC 2024-03-30
148. TikTok Ban, Kate Middleton, Dune 2 & More! 2024-03-18
147. Even More Games Industry Lay-Offs 2024-03-04
146. Games We Wish We Could Play Again for the First Time 2024-02-17
145. Zoom of Theseus 2024-02-06
144. The Gang Has an Existential Crisis 2024-01-20
143. What is "game direction", anyway? 2023-12-26
142. The Lay-Offs (& Our Favourite Things of the Year) 2023-12-10
141. The Fall of the House of Usher ft. Rahul Kohli & Andy Grush! 2023-11-19
140. Unity's CEO Resigned 2023-10-15
139. We Have Questions About Starfield's Design 2023-09-25
138. Explaining the Unity Engine drama ft. Rami Ismail 2023-09-20
137. The Games Industry and Communication 2023-08-23
136. Taylor Swift and Stray Gods (ft. Liam Esler!) 2023-08-17

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