UCTV programs explore astronomy, the physical universe and other space related topics with University of California faculty and experts from around the world.


Title Date published
Solar Probe Touches the Sun 2021-02-08
Dark Threads of the Cosmic Web Revealed 2021-02-06
Return to Apollo: Geologic Evolution of a Young Moon 2020-04-05
Health in Space: Developing New Tools for the Trip to Mars 2020-04-05
Planetary Defense: Avoiding a Cosmic Catastrophe 2020-04-04
How a Year in Space Affects the Human Body with Dr. Michael G. Ziegler -- Osher UC San Diego 2019-09-09
Losing the Nobel Prize with Brian Keating 2018-05-21
Origins of Universe's Gold Discovered in Neutron Star Mergers 2018-03-12
Twins in Space: The Effects of Space Travel on Humans - Research on Aging 2017-09-14
Building Rockets Building Careers with Andy Kieatiwong 2017-06-13
On Beyond: Space Dust Exploring Nanomaterials Fire Drought and Ecosystems Oak Tree Ecosystems California Agricultural Legacy 2016-04-06
Space Dust 2016-02-01
The Future of Space Exploration -- Up Next: Perspectives on the Future of Everything 2015-12-07
Searching for Dark Energy 2015-06-18
The Future of Electron Microscopy 2015-06-14
Cosmochemistry Can Save Lives with Morgan Nunn Martinez -- UC San Diego Founders’ Symposium 2013 2015-03-18
The Physics of Free Will with Brian Keating -- Degrees of Freedom 2015-03-09
The Theory of Everything - Script to Screen 2015-02-02
Eight Big Ideas 2013 - Science at the Theater 2014-11-17
Data Computation and the Fate of the Universe 2014-10-20

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