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Title Date published
Research Opportunities and Partnerships in the Tech Industry: Industry Panelists Share insights at the CSE Winter 2020 Research Open House 2020-03-12
UCSD Pascal: Celebrating the Life and Work of Kenneth Bowles 2020-01-29
Researching Computer Science Education to Drive Equity and Effectiveness 2019-12-12
Why I Sit: UC San Diego CSE Red Chair Event for Diversity Equity and Inclusion -- Short Version 2019-12-10
Why I Sit: UC San Diego CSE Red Chair Event for Diversity Equity and Inclusion 2019-11-20
ERSP - Early Research Scholars Program at UC San Diego 2019-07-19
CSE Celebration of Diversity 2019-07-03
Studying Climate Change Through Surfing with Smartfin - We Are CSE: Jasmine Simmons 2019-04-23
Computer Security for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence with Tom Ristenpart - UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering Research Open House 2019 Keynote Address 2019-03-14
We Are CSE Promo 2019-01-18
Nadia Polikarpova: Creating New Languages for Programming 2019-01-02
Summer with CSE: Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Program 2018-12-09
Summer with CSE: Summer Internship Symposium 2018-10-26
Summer With CSE: SIMS - The Summer Internships for Mexican Students Program 2018-10-07
Summer With CSE: COSMOS 2018-09-17
Summer With CSE: The Bootstrap Program 2018-09-06
Ariana Mirian: Improving Internet Security 2018-08-13
David Kohlbrenner: Trusted Browsers for Uncertain Times 2018-07-26
Manmohan Chandraker: Giving Computers the Gift of Vision 2018-06-18
Steven Rick: Computing as a Teammate in Healthcare 2018-06-04

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