Director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, narrates 100 programmes that retell humanity's history through the objects we have made


Title Date published
Solar-powered lamp and charger 2010-10-22
Credit card 2010-10-21
Throne of Weapons 2010-10-20
Hockney's In the Dull Village 2010-10-19
Russian revolutionary plate 2010-10-18
Suffragette-defaced penny 2010-10-15
Sudanese slit drum 2010-10-14
Hokusai's The Great Wave 2010-10-13
Early Victorian tea set 2010-10-12
Ship's chronometer from HMS Beagle 2010-10-11
Jade bi 2010-10-08
Australian bark shield 2010-10-07
North American buckskin map 2010-10-06
Hawaiian feather helmet 2010-10-05
Akan drum 2010-10-04
Reformation centenary broadsheet 2010-10-01
Mexican codex map 2010-09-30
Shadow Puppet of Bima 2010-09-29
Miniature of a Mughal prince 2010-09-28
The Shi'a religious parade standard 2010-09-27

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