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Title Date published
US accuses Russia of using food as weapon of war in Ukraine 2022-05-20
Report says nearly 60 million people internally displaced 2022-05-19
UN chief warns of global hunger, urging Russia to free Ukrainian grain 2022-05-19
UN warns climate catastrophe getting closer 2022-05-18
ICC sends 'largest ever' team of investigators to Ukraine 2022-05-18
Ukraine working on 'next stages' of Mariupol evacuation 2022-05-17
Hundreds of Ukrainian fighters evacuated from Mariupol steelworks 2022-05-16
Ukraine: The children's camp that became an execution ground 2022-05-16
Finland and Sweden confirm Nato bid 2022-05-15
World's most powerful nations 'will never recognise' Ukraine border change 2022-05-14
Violence at funeral for Al Jazeera reporter 2022-05-14
Ukrainians trying to leave Russia complain of frightening interrogations 2022-05-13
UN to investigate Russian abuses in Ukraine 2022-05-13
Finland announces intention to join Nato 2022-05-12
Sri Lankan president says he will appoint a new cabinet within a week 2022-05-12
Al Jazeera reporter killed during Israeli raid in West Bank 2022-05-11
Sri Lankan soldiers told to shoot law-breakers on sight 2022-05-11
Sri Lanka: Escalating violence as protests continue 2022-05-10
Ex-dictator’s son leads Philippines vote 2022-05-09
Putin defends Ukraine war but no hint of next steps 2022-05-09

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