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Title Date published
Sunday Feature: Silent Spaces 2021-04-04
Sunday Feature: Should Feminists read Baudelaire? 2021-04-02
New Generation Thinker short feature: Hilltop Histories 2021-03-14
NGT The Balcony 2021-02-28
The Apple and the Tree 2021-01-17
Sunday Feature - Dissecting Beethoven 2020-12-15
Sunday Feature: The Fake Poet 2020-11-29
The Silence of My Pain 2020-11-08
New Generation Thinker short Feature: COVID and The Black Death, an imperfect fit. 2020-10-18
Silent Witness: John Cage, Zen and Japan 2020-07-15
The Crankiness of C.W.Daniel 2020-04-26
The Queen Of Technicolor 2020-03-13
The East Speaks Back 2020-03-12
Ken Campbell as Never Heard Before 2020-01-19
Glitter and Villainy 2019-12-29
Rewiring Raymond Scott 2019-12-22
Poles Apart 2019-11-15
The Hidden Reservoir 2019-11-15
Power Plays 2019-11-03
Al Andalus - The Legacy 2019-10-24

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