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Title Date published
The Battle of Culloden, Outlander, Peter Watkins 2021-04-15
Jacques Tati's Trafic 2021-04-14
Octavia Butler's Kindred 2021-04-13
Deleuze and Guattari, Capitalism and Schizophrenia 2021-04-08
Milton: Samson Agonistes 2021-04-08
John Milton's Samson Agonistes 2021-04-07
The Liverpool Biennial debate 2021-04-06
Spy talk 2021-04-01
From Blackface to Beyoncé 2021-03-31
Writing About Faith 2021-03-30
Churchill's reputation 2021-03-25
Pleasure 2021-03-24
Frantz Fanon 2021-03-23
Books to Make Space For on the Bookshelf: There's No Story There 2021-03-19
Books to Make Space For On The Bookshelf: Closer 2021-03-18
Syria: hope and poetry 2021-03-18
Books to Make Space For on the Bookshelf: Sindhubala 2021-03-17
Introducing New Generation Thinkers 2021 2021-03-17
Books To Make Space For On The Bookshelf: John Halifax, Gentleman 2021-03-16
New Research: what do we learn from census stats? 2021-03-16

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