Larry Haber, a reformed yet long recovered developer as well as an attorney, CPA and the creator of Leasing REality, conducts an ongoing series of weekly conversations with real estate and other business rock stars designed to empower aspiring, emerging and seasoned professionals and business owners to reach their full business potential. Using rock n’ roll, hip hop and pop culture analogies as the basis for many of his questions, the overwhelming majority of the responses from Larry’s guests are informative, entertaining, and most importantly, a conduit to help incentivize listeners of Real Estate REality Check to become masters of their real estate and/or business domains.


Title Date published
Episode 055: Willy Walker 2020-04-07
Episode 054: Matt Giffune 2020-03-04
Episode 053: Brad Gerla 2020-02-25
Episode 052: Sarah Saltzberg 2020-01-30
Episode 051: Vicente Wolf 2020-01-09
Episode 050: Ryan Serhant 2019-12-19
Episode 049: Lou Diamond and Jen Du Plessis 2019-12-11
Episode 048: Lance Leighton 2019-11-20
Episode 047: Ash Zandieh 2019-11-06
Episode 046: Gary Malin 2019-10-29
Episode 045: Peter Braus 2019-10-10
Episode 044: Nancy Bass Wyden 2019-09-19
Episode 043: Simon Ziff 2019-09-12
Episode 042: Robert Sedaghatpour 2019-08-29
Episode 041: David Firestein 2019-08-23
Episode 040: Lee Brodsky 2019-08-15
Episode 039: Joseph Farkas 2019-08-02
Episode 038: Drew Katz 2019-07-25
Episode 037: Mark Zablow 2019-07-17
Episode 036: Al Eskanazy 2019-07-05

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