Get actionable ideas, insight & inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Real Estate Uncensored delivers 3 live shows/wk showing you how to blend the latest high-tech and high-touch prospecting, sales and marketing strategies to grow your real estate business. Featuring interviews with mega agents like Joshua Smith, Jeff Cohn, Brett Tanner, Greg Harrelson, Jeff Latham, Kirby Skurat, Aaron Wittenstein, Marti Hampton and many more. You’ll learn how to make 100+ calls/hr, how to use prospecting systems and scripts to sell 500 homes/yr, how to bring homes to market & actually get them sold, how to run high-tech open houses & much more. Co-hosted by Greg McDaniel, the "Junior Grandmaster" / Bay area Realtor, and Matt Johnson, partner in Elite Real Estate Systems / founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR + production firm.


Title Date published
How to Be the Change Your Market Wants to See w/Valerie Torelli 2021-04-15
Email Marketing Mastery 2021-04-13
Scaling Up Without Losing Your Personal Production w/Jeff Bonham 2021-04-08
How to Take Your Business into the Future with Geofencing w/Paul Enriquez 2021-04-06
The Real Estate Business of the Future w/Lisa B 2021-04-01
How to Build Relationships Like the Best in the Business w/Jake Wolfe 2021-03-25
Simplify Everything and WIN w/Jeff Latham 2021-03-19
Everything You Need to Know to Ace Organic Marketing w/Nick Sakkis and Coach Kyle Draper 2021-03-11
Working with Celebrity & High-Net-Worth Clients - Aaron Rian Returns 2021-03-05
How to Fine-Tune Your Marketing in the Wake of Mass Urban Migrations 2021-02-18
Autistic Cats, Clubhouse & Marketing in 2021 2021-02-11
5 Things You Need to Know About the Divorce Niche in Real Estate w/Laurel Starks 2021-02-04
The Rich are Getting Richer - And You Can Too (Part Deux!) w/Chris Naugle 2021-01-28
Biohack Your Way to a Booming 2021 w/Brian Culhane 2021-01-21
Morning Routines & How to Stay Positive & Motivated w/Jenn Murtland 2021-01-14
How To Build an Inside Sales Machine in 2021 w/Aaron Rian 2021-01-07
Tackling the Mass Urban Exodus w/Jim Remley 2020-12-31
Your Brand on Every Device in Every House: Total Market Domination w/Jake Wolfe 2020-12-24
How to Buy a PROFITABLE Business...With Little or No Money Down w/Ryan Snow 2020-12-17
How to Free Yourself from the Clutches of Negativity w/Bernice Ross 2020-12-10

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