Multi award winning documentaries from Ireland telling real life stories. With over 1,800 documentaries on offer, the Documentary On One Podcast has the largest archive of documentaries available in the world, dating as far back as 1954, right up to the present day. Winner of over 340 national and international awards. Latest podcast series, 'The Nobody Zone'. Immerse yourself in a world of sound, story and character.


Title Date published
GunPlot: Episode 1 - The Spark that Lit the Flame 2021-04-12
Trailer: Introducing 'GunPlot' 2021-04-08
Battle at the Bridge 2021-04-02
A Silver Lining 2021-03-26
The Man Who Played Offside 2021-03-19
The Irishwoman Who Shot Mussolini 2021-03-16
Cairo Cellmates 2021-02-12
Seamus Darby and the Goal That Made Champions 2021-02-05
Then There Was Light 2021-01-29
The Announcement 2021-01-22
Never Knocked Down 2021-01-15
The Nobody Zone: Episode 8 - End Of The Line 2020-12-01
The Nobody Zone: Episode 7 - New Evidence 2020-11-24
The Nobody Zone: Prologue to Episode 7 & 8 2020-11-21
The Nobody Zone: Episode 6 - Bringing It All Back Home 2020-11-20
The Nobody Zone: Episode 5 - Another Side 2020-11-19
The Nobody Zone: Episode 4 - True Confessions 2020-11-18
The Nobody Zone: Episode 3 - The Numbers Game 2020-11-17
The Nobody Zone: Episode 2 - A Hidden Truth? 2020-11-16
The Nobody Zone: Episode 1 - "It Plays On Your Mind" 2020-11-15

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