<p>An engaging podcast that looks at True Crime, Serial Killers, and the darkside of History. We discuss True Crime, Murders, Serial Killers and Bizzare stories from history.</p>


Title Date published
The Mysterious Bennington Triangle 2020-02-23
The Mysterious Death of Diane Linkletter 2020-02-09
The Who Tragedy: Death on the Riverfront 2020-01-28
The St. Francis Dam Disaster 2020-01-12
The Pitchfork Murder Mystery 2019-12-14
Bombshell: The Death of Jean Harlow 2019-12-05
The San Ysidro Massacre 2019-11-23
The Life of Michael "Mickey" Finn 2019-11-17
The Real Story Behind The Exorcist 2019-11-09
The Doodler Murders 2019-10-23
Dweebcon Live 2019: The Traveling Hangman 2019-10-13
The World According to Ida Wood 2019-09-15
A Beautiful Suicide: The Death of Evelyn McHale 2019-09-10
The Jigsaw Murders 2019-08-11
The Straw Hat Riot 2019-07-29
The Death of Rudolph Valentino 2019-07-22
History of the Guillotine 2019-06-23
Colonel Justice: A Lynching in California 2019-06-09
The Chilling, Unsolved Murder of The Dardeen Family 2019-06-02
The Bizarre Disappearance of The Jaminson Family 2019-05-06

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