<p>From North Africa, back to Britain and through Europe,&nbsp;<em>Letters of Love in WW2</em>&nbsp;tells a unique story of the Second World War from the perspective of two people that lived through it.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Three months after they wed, Cyril and Olga&nbsp;found themselves separated by the Second World War. Between 1940 and 1946, their love was kept alive on the pages of a thousand letters and postcards, found decades later by their family after they had both passed on. With the family’s poignant and emotional interviews bookending each episode and featuring the voices of&nbsp;<em>Downton Abbey</em>’s <em>Amy Nuttall</em>&nbsp;and author and broadcaster&nbsp;<em>Johny Pitts</em>, <em>Letters of Love in WW2</em> gives an incredible first-hand insight into what it was like to live through this tumultuous period.</p>


Title Date published
Extra: Interview with Ancestry genealogist Simon Pearce 2020-09-01
Extra: Memories of Cyril and Olga 2020-08-25
Extra: The importance of the letters to the family 2020-08-18
Extra: The family on Cyril and Olga's wartime experiences 2020-05-07
8. VE Day: Grief and Relief 2019-07-25
7. Bergen-Belsen: Sorrow and Shock 2019-07-18
6. Germany: On the Approach 2019-07-11
5. D-Day: Visitations 2019-07-04
4. El Alamein: Silence and Roses 2019-06-27
3. Siege of Tobruk: Battlefields and Reality 2019-06-20
2. North Africa: Lost Messages 2019-06-13
1. At Sea: Optimistic Goodbyes 2019-06-06
The Second World War told through one couple's letters 2019-05-23

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