<p>Host William Lou of Yahoo Sports Canada covers everything to do with the Toronto Raptors. This feed includes the Raptors Reaction Podcast, which is published after every game, and the Raptors Recap, a weekly summation of larger trends surrounding the team.</p>


Title Date published
Pascal Siakam Rescues Raptors In Game 3 2019-04-20
Raptors-Magic Game 3 Preview 2019-04-19
Playoff Kawhi And Playoff Lowry Join Forces In Game 2 2019-04-17
Raptors-Magic Game 2 Preview 2019-04-16
Calm Before The Game 2 Storm 2019-04-15
Kyle Lowry Really Scored Zero Points 2019-04-14
Raptors-Magic Live Post-Game Show (Game 1) 2019-04-14
Raptors-Magic First Round Preview 2019-04-12
Checking In With Serge Ibaka 2019-04-11
Live Post Game Show: Raptors Finish Regular Season Strong 2019-04-10
How Confident Are You In Playoff Raptors With Seerat Sohi 2019-04-09
Raptors (likely) End Dwyane Wade's Career In OT 2019-04-07
Raptors Lose To Jeremy Lamb ... Again 2019-04-06
Pascal Siakam Over D'Angelo Russell 2019-04-04
Playoff Look Ahead With Former Spurs and Clippers Video Coordinator Mo Dakhil 2019-04-02
Danny Green Flipped The Switch 2019-04-02
Shorthanded Raptors Record 34 Assists Against Bulls 2019-03-31
Raptors Drop 20 Threes On Tanking Knicks 2019-03-29
Raptors Own Shorthanded Bulls 2019-03-27
How Hungry Is Kawhi Leonard With Alex Wong 2019-03-26

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