<p>Host William Lou of Yahoo Sports Canada covers everything to do with the Toronto Raptors. This feed includes the Raptors Reaction Podcast, which is published after every game, and the Raptors Recap, a weekly summation of larger trends surrounding the team.</p>


Title Date published
Sights and sounds from Summer League 2019-07-16
Final Thoughts From Las Vegas Summer League 2019-07-12
Terence Davis Steals The Show In Raptors Summer League Debut 2019-07-12
Raptors Crush Knicks Dreams In Summer League 2019-07-10
What Comes Next After Kawhi And Danny's Departure? 2019-07-09
Kawhi Watch Ep. 6 - Gone but worth it all 2019-07-09
Resilient Raptors Nearly Complete 26-Point Comeback 2019-07-09
Raptors Fail To Impress In First Game Of Summer League Action 2019-07-07
Saying Goodbye to Kawhi Leonard 2019-07-06
Bonus Episode: A note for those feeling down about Kawhi Leonard's free agency process 2019-07-02
Kawhi Stays Mum, But Movement Favors Raptors in Day 1 of Free Agency 2019-07-01
Kawhi Watch Ep. 5: Decision time in 3-team race 2019-06-29
Kawhi Watch: The case for Toronto grows stronger 2019-06-27
Full Audio: Masai Ujiri delivers the goods in end-of-season press conference 2019-06-26
Masai Ujiri's State of the Union Address and Setting The Table For a Busy Summer 2019-06-25
Kawhi Watch: Leonard in no rush to leave Toronto 2019-06-25
Kawhi Watch: Does Uncle Dennis Hold the Key? 2019-06-22
Kawhi Watch: Will a championship keep the Board Man in Toronto? 2019-06-20
The Raptors Championship Podcast Hangout With 14 Assorted Guests 2019-06-19
Scenes From The Toronto Raptors' Championship Parade 2019-06-18

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