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Title Date published
Trump Gets TORCHED By McConnell 2019-10-19
Remembering Elijah Cummings 2019-10-18
Biden Campaign Scoffs At Facts 2019-10-17
Trump's Syria Crisis Spiraling Out Of Control 2019-10-16
Columbus Day Is CANCELED 2019-10-15
Activists TAKE OVER CNN Equality Town Hall 2019-10-12
Rudy Giuliani Associates ARRESTED 2019-10-11
Turkey Exploits Trump's Weakness 2019-10-10
Republicans Abandoning Trump Over Pull Out 2019-10-08
William Barr Covering Trump's Tracks 2019-10-05
Trump LOSES IT During Press Conference 2019-10-03
Giuliani Throws Pompeo Under The Bus 2019-10-02
Trump In Trouble With ANOTHER World Leader 2019-10-01
Hannity: Ukraine Call 'Really Bad' 2019-09-28
Whistleblower Complaint Seals Trump's Fate 2019-09-27
Trump Ukraine 'Transcript' Is DAMNING 2019-09-26
Pelosi Announces Trump Impeachment 2019-09-25
Trump Brazenly Admits Treason 2019-09-24
Trump Begging To Be Impeached 2019-09-21
Trump's Mysterious Call With A Foreign Leader 2019-09-20

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