The Young Turks is Home of The Progressives. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and a host of progressive voices deliver the news and provocative commentary. Whether you are seeking a breakdown of current events, politics and the mainstream media or just a quick laugh, the TYT daily podcast will always keep you informed and entertained.


Title Date published
Jill Biden's SHOCKING Admission About Joe 2019-08-21
Police Stop Alt-Right Plot 2019-08-20
Trump Admits He Believes Climate Change 2019-08-17
ICE Guard Plows Through Crowd 2019-08-16
Report Connects Trump With Violence 2019-08-14
Why Chris Cuomo Was Right 2019-08-14
Jeffery Epstein’s Suicide EXPLAINED 2019-08-13
Most Pathetic Moment Of Trump's Presidency? 2019-08-10
Trump Reminds Us How Far He's Lowered The Bar 2019-08-08
How The Left Will Win In 2020 2019-08-07
Cenk Goes BALLISTIC (Part 2) 2019-08-06
Republican Party Glorifies Violence 2019-08-05
New Updates In Eric Garner Case 2019-08-03
Fox News Embraces John Delaney 2019-07-31
Fox News Spurs Trump Into Twitter Meltdown 2019-07-29
Did Trump Just Win The 2020 Election? 2019-07-27
Another Minor Dies In Border Custody 2019-07-25
Mueller Hearing BREAKDOWN 2019-07-24
Trump Administration Goes On Lying Spree 2019-07-22
Trump Spews Lies About Ilhan Omar 2019-07-19

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