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Title Date published
New Zealand Suffers Mass Shooting And White Nationalism Infects The News 2019-03-18
Democracy Is Dying And Beto O'Rourke Jumps Into Democratic Primary 2019-03-14
Tucker Carlson Reaches New Deplorable Level And Dave Rubin Fails On Fox News 2019-03-14
Celebrities Go Down For Bribery And Trump Takes On Student Loan Debt 2019-03-13
Mitch McConnell Loves Political Corruption And Joe Biden Gets Cringey 2019-03-09
How Trump Hid His School Transcripts And PROOF Trump Favored Family In White House 2019-03-07
White House Is Losing Their Minds And Hilary Clinton Makes Big 2020 Announcement 2019-03-06
Trump At CPAC: Horrifying American Flag Hug And INSANE Speech 2019-03-05
Trump FAILS With Kim Jong Un And His Comments on Otto Warmbier Death 2019-03-01
Michael Cohen's CAPTIVATING Congress Testimony 2019-02-28
Disgraced Republican Won't Seek Re-election And CNN's Deception During Bernie Sanders' Town Hall 2019-02-27
U.S. Won't Stop Meddling In Venezuela Conflict And Trump Dogs His Own Official 2019-02-26
Trump And Fox News Barely Acknowledge White Terrorist Arrest 2019-02-23
Jussie Smollett Indicted And 11-Year Old Arrested For Not Doing Pledge Of Allegiance 2019-02-22
Bernie Sanders Interview On Running For President In 2020 2019-02-20
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Smoking Weed And Tricksy D.C. Lobbyists 2019-02-15
Trump LOSES Border Wall Battle And Extensive Trump Shutdown Damage Revealed 2019-02-14
Trump Caves AGAIN And Trump Supporter Caught Attacking Press 2019-02-13
Rep. Ilhan Omar Faces HARSH Backlash And Notable Anti-Semitism In Politics 2019-02-12
Trump Embarrasses Himself During National Prayer Breakfast Speech 2019-02-08

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