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Title Date published
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back At Republican And Right-Wingers Slam Trump's SOTU 2019-02-07
Trump's Latest Interview FIASCO 2019-02-05
Cory Booker Announces Presidential Bid And Is He Right For The Job? 2019-02-02
Trump Convinced He'll Get His Wall Funding And ICE Agents Force-Feed Detained Immigrants 2019-02-01
Trump Goes After His Own Admin And More Secret Meetings With Putin Discovered 2019-01-31
Relations In Venezuela Deteriorate And Get Ready For 2020 Election Meddling 2019-01-30
The U.S. Government Is Heavily Involved In The Ongoing Crisis In Venezuela 2019-01-25
Nancy Pelosi Has ZERO Time For Trump And Trump Shutdown Is Weakening FBI 2019-01-24
Trump Gives Weak Offer For Border Wall And One Republican Thinks Porn Should Pay For Wall 2019-01-23
Did Trump Finally Get Caught Committing A Crime And Why Is He Not Denying It? 2019-01-19
The FAA Is Forcing Silence On Workers And Someone PLEASE Help Rudy Giuliani! 2019-01-18
Nancy Pelosi Is Getting Under Trump's Skin And Furloughed Workers Are Desperate During Trump Shutdown 2019-01-17
Rep. Steve King Stripped Of Power And What Took Republicans So Long To Hold Him Accountable? 2019-01-16
Trump Is Really Good At Incriminating Himself And His Admin SUCK At Covering It Up 2019-01-15
Christian Organization Hosted Putin Lackeys And Tulsi Gabbard Announces Presidential Bid 2019-01-12
Trump Gives BIZARRE Press Briefing And Denies Saying Mexico Will Pay For Wall 2019-01-11
Trump Refuses Border Wall Negotiations And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Trump 2019-01-10
What Lies Will Trump Perpetuate Next And ACTUAL National Emergencies In The U.S. 2019-01-09
Jazmine Barnes Murder Suspects Identified And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez '60 Minutes' Interview 2019-01-08
Rep. Rashida Tlaib Did NOT Mince Words About Trump And Was Sworn In Amidst Ridiculous Conservative Criticism 2019-01-05

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