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Title Date published
Trump Facing A LOT Of New Investigations And Nancy Pelosi Has Choice Words For Trump 2019-01-04
Mitt Romney Goes In On Trump And Is His Attack A Ploy To Challenge Trump In 2020? 2019-01-03
Trump Softens On Syria And Lindsey Graham Talks Border Wall Funding 2019-01-01
Trump's Shutdown Meltdown Hysterics And Federal Employees Told To Do 'Favors' During Furlough 2018-12-29
Trump Claims Federal Workers WANT Shutdown And Iraqi Leaders Disgusted With Trump 2018-12-28
Trump Ruins Santa For 7-Year Old And Another Migrant Child Dies In U.S. Custody 2018-12-27
House PASSES Border Wall Funding And Is A government Shutdown Likely? 2018-12-22
James Mattis' SHOCKING White House Retirement And Trump Defends Syria Exit On Twitter 2018-12-21
Rudy Giuliani Just Keeps Getting Worse And Trump Announces Surprise Exit From Syria 2018-12-20
Trump Releases Ridiculous New Ad And Michael Flynn Called Out By Judge 2018-12-19
Keep Money OUT Of Politics And PROOF Republicans Don't know Anything 2018-12-18
Michael Cohen Reveals ALL In New Interview And Rudy Giuliani Might Be The World's WORST Attorney 2018-12-15
Trump Was Allegedly Present During Hush Money Agreements And Trump Faces ANOTHER Investigation 2018-12-14
Steve King Embarrasses Himself In Congress And Trump Pounces On Politicizing France Shooting 2018-12-13
Trump Throws Public Tantrum And Fox News Host DESTROYS Jason Chaffetz 2018-12-12
Trump FIRES John Kelly And Jamal Khahoggi's Last Moments REVEALED 2018-12-11
Michael Cohen Going Away For A LONG Time And Mueller Disagrees? 2018-12-08
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shames Government Corruption And Trump Is Making The Deficit Worse 2018-12-07
Republicans Sabotaging America And Obliterating The Working Class 2018-12-06
Wolf-PAC Meeting Gets Surprise Visitor And Trump’s New Plot To End Humanity 2018-12-05

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