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Title Date published
Trump Halts Palestinian Refugee Funding And Wisconsin Republicans Undermine Democracy 2018-12-04
House Democrats Target Dark Money And Matt Whitaker Caught In EPIC Lie 2018-12-01
Michael Cohen Makes Shocking Trump Claim In Court And Republican Senators Move Against Saudi Arabia 2018-12-01
Fox News Launches Streaming Service And House Democrats Turn On Progressives 2018-11-29
Trump Continues To Make Up Lies About Border Incident And Manafort Reportedly Met With WikiLeaks Founder 2018-11-28
Trump Shuts Border Down And White House Officials Fighting Over Military Lethal Force 2018-11-27
Trump Superfan Paints BIZARRE Tribute And Trump Grovels To Saudi Arabia 2018-11-22
Trump ATTACKS Murdered Journalist And Mike Pompeo Struggles To Answer Question On Saudi Punishment 2018-11-21
MSNBC Hosts Defend Nancy Pelosi And Trump's Off The Rails Interview With Chris Wallace 2018-11-20
Whoopi Goldberg Went AFTER Justice Democrats And CNN Prevails In Trump Lawsuit 2018-11-17
Did TMZ Set Up Michael Avenatti And Saudi Arabia Offers Bizarre Explanation For Khashoggi Murder 2018-11-16
Republicans Complicate Crucial Vote For Democrats And Stormy Daniels' Lawyer ARRESTED 2018-11-15
Melania Trump Demands Firing Of White House Advisor And CNN Goes After Trump 2018-11-14
BREAKING: Mueller Target Expects Indictment And Florida Headed For Recounts 2018-11-13
Trump Has Midterm Meltdown And Bernie Sanders' Interview Causes Uproar 2018-11-10
California Mass Shooting And Harrowing Stories Of Survivors 2018-11-09
What Do Midterm Election Results Mean And Why Is Trump Praising Nancy Pelosi?! 2018-11-08
UPDATES On Midterms And Republican Backs Down Before Anyone Casts Vote 2018-11-07
Another Extremist Conservative Attack And How Trump's Cuts To Anti-Extremist Programs Fueled Hate 2018-11-06
Trump Blames Recent Tragedies For 'Momentum' Loss And His Cult Of Followers Will Believe ANYTHING 2018-11-03

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