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Title Date published
Republican Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Campaign Ad And Cops Called On Interracial Canvassers 2018-11-02
Don Lemon Destroys Domestic Terrorism Myths And Steve King's Questionable Antics EXPOSED 2018-11-01
Trump's Going After The Constitution And He Visits Mourning Pittsburgh Even When Asked Not To 2018-10-31
Pittsburgh Shooter Wreaks Havoc In Synagogue And Anti-Semitism Is Rising, Fast 2018-10-30
Bomb Threat Suspect CAUGHT And His Van Is Covered In Trump Propaganda 2018-10-27
Two More Targeted With Bomb Threats And Trump's Ridiculous Response At Rally 2018-10-26
Donald Trump's Statement After Bombs Sent To Democrats And Who's Your FAVORITE TYT Host? 2018-10-25
Trump Applauds Criminal Republican Candidate And Beto O'Rourke Talks Ted And Trump 2018-10-20
Washington Post Publishes Last Jamal Khashoggi Column And Horrific Details Of His Death Leaked 2018-10-19
Trump Will Do ANYTHNG To Protect Saudis And Suspects In Jamal Khashoggi Case Identified 2018-10-18
A Democrat Is Angrily Calling Out EVERYONE In Congress And TYT's Exclusive Ted Cruz Ad 2018-10-17
Trump's BONKERS '60 Minutes' Interview 2018-10-16
NEW Evidence In Alleged Jamal Khashoggi Slaying And Trump's Non-Action During Hurricane Michael 2018-10-13
Jamal Khashoggi UPDATE And Republicans Respond To Alleged Royal Saudi Plot 2018-10-12
Shocking Trump Admin Resignation And Speculation Surrounding Departure 2018-10-10
Trump Says His Mocking Turned The Tide For Kavanaugh And Jeanine Pirro Won't Stop Fluffing Trump 2018-10-09
Senator Susan Collins Will Vote 'Yes' On Kavanaugh And Lone Democrat Abandons Party 2018-10-05
The FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Is Complete And Lindsey Graham Brags About Not Needing To Read It 2018-10-05
Trump Mocks Dr. Ford And Crowd At Rally Laughs, Cheers 2018-10-04
The Proof Against Kavanaugh Mounts And Lindsay Graham Is A Fraud 2018-10-03

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