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Title Date published
School Shooting, Trump Hiring Immigrants, and West Virginia Cop 2018-02-15
Obama Portrait, Anti-Muslim Activist, Teacher Died, and Kirsten Gillibrand 2018-02-14
The Young Turks 02.12.18: Teacher Fired, NYPD Tweet, American Hero In Wast Virginia, and DLCC Retreat 2018-02-13
The Young Turks 02.09.18: Olympics, Alt-Right Terrorism, Neo-Nazi Police Team Up, and Kellyanne’s ‘Opioid Cabinet’ 2018-02-10
The Young Turks 02.08.18: Steve Wynn, Senate Investigation, Omarosa, and Bad Police Sketch 2018-02-09
The Young Turks 02.07.18: Budget Deal, DACA, Sheriff, and Russian Tumblr Trolls 2018-02-08
The Young Turks 02.06.18: Trump/Mueller, John Kelly, Puerto Rica Exploitation, and Edwin Jackson 2018-02-07
The Young Turks 02.05.18: Super Bowl Recap, Breitbart, Ivanka Rubio, and Alimony 2018-02-06
The Young Turks 01.31.18: Trey Gowdy, Nunes Memo, ICE, and Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald 2018-02-01
The Young Turks 01.29.18: Andrew McCabe, Trump Climate Change, Atomwaffen Division and Jay Z 2018-01-30
The Young Turks 01.26.18: Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, and ICE 2018-01-27
The Young Turks 01.25.18: Dams Cave, Bernie 2020, and Trump Mueller 2018-01-26
Medicare For All National Town Hall January 23, 2018 2018-01-24
The Young Turks 01.23.18: School Shooting, Stopped CNN Shooting, FBI Agent, and Andrew McCabe 2018-01-24
The Young Turks 01.22.18: Ryan Bribe, Income Inequality, Restaurant CEO, and Minimum Wage 2018-01-23
The Young Turks 01.19.18: Opioid Crisis, Carl Higbie, and Tom Cotton 2018-01-20
The Young Turks 01.18.18: Trump Lawyer, John Kelly, CHIP, and Prosperity Preacher 2018-01-19
The Young Turks 01.17.18: Bread Crumbs, Stormy Daniels, HHS Overhaul, and Korean Olympic Team 2018-01-18
The Young Turks 01.16.18: Jim Acosta, Net Neutrality, Sessions Marijuana, and Aziz Ansari 2018-01-17
The Young Turks 01.15.18: Trump Sh*thole Comment, Hawaii Missile Scare, Taxpayer Funded Sexual Harassment, and Eliza Dushku 2018-01-16

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