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Title Date published
The Young Turks 01.11.18: FISA, Missouri Governor, Racist Class, and Arrested Teacher Update 2018-01-12
The Young Turks 01.10.18: Feinstein, Grassley, and DACA 2018-01-11
The Young Turks 01.09.18: Trump DACA, Senator Arpaio, Racist Basketball Team, and Teacher Arrested 2018-01-10
The Young Turks 01.08.18: Stephen Miller, Jake Tapper, Steve Bannon, and “Stable Genius” 2018-01-09
The Young Turks 01.05.18: Bannon Denies, BWolff Responds, Sam Nunberg, and Alex Jones Meltdown 2018-01-06
The Young Turks 01.04.18: Trump Is A Child, Bannon, Hope Hicks, and Neo-Nazi 2018-01-05
The Young Turks 01.03.18: Trump vs Bannon, Trump Button Tweet, Trump Golfing, and Fake News 2018-01-04
The Young Turks 01.02.18: Legal Weed, Fox & Friends, Iran Protests, and Lorde 2018-01-03
The Young Turks 12.29.17: TYT 12 Years, Trump NYT Interview, Trump Reelection and Climate Change Tweet 2017-12-30
The Young Turks 12.27.17: AT&T Jobs, Voter Fraud, American Airlines, and Hillary Clinton 2017-12-28
The Young Turks 12.26.17: Merry Christmas, Mar-a-Lago, Police Shot Child, and Neo-Nazi Murder 2017-12-27
The Young Turks 12.22.17: Tax Bill Signed, Thanks Trump Ad, and Elderly Weed Bust 2017-12-23
The Young Turks 12.20.17: Tax Bill, Star Wars, and Catt Sadler 2017-12-21
The Young Turks 12.19.17: UFOs, Gorsuch, and Tax Bill 2017-12-20
The Young Turks 12.15.17: Deported Workers, School Shooting, Robocop, and Faith-Based Schools 2017-12-16
The Young Turks 12.14.17: Net Neutrality DEAD, Dan Johnson, Sandy Hook and Sarah Huckabee Sanders 2017-12-15
The Young Turks 12.13.17: Doug Jones WINS, Roy Moore, and Salma Hayek on Weinstein 2017-12-14
The Young Turks 12.12.17: Moore’s Wife, Moore Child Brothel, Rohingya Women, and Deportations 2017-12-13
The Young Turks 12.11.17: NY Bombing Attempt, Trump Jurors, Bullying Viral Video and Evangelical Women On Roy Moore 2017-12-12
The Young Turks 12.08.17: Roy Moore Slavery, Roy Moore Accuser, and Ex-Arizona police officer acquitted 2017-12-09

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