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Title Date published
The Young Turks 12.07.17: Sam Seder, Tax Bill, Franken resigns, and why Trump should too 2017-12-08
The Young Turks 12.06.17: Trump and Pompeo, Santa-Hating Pastor, Franken, and Hero Cop 2017-12-07
The Young Turks 12.05.17: Sam Seder, Joy Ann Reid, Trump Bank Records, and Justice Democrats 2017-12-06
The Young Turks 12.01.17: Flynn, Undocumented Immigrant Acquitted, and Taxpayer Sexual Harassment Settlements 2017-12-06
The Young Turks 12.04.17: Brian Ross Suspension, Grassley, Flynn, and Kushner 2017-12-05
The Young Turks 11.30.17: Tillerson, Tom Cotton, Geraldo, and Trump ‘First-Rate P**sy’ Comment 2017-12-01
The Young Turks 11.29.17: Trump Muslim Tweets, Net Neutrality, Slave Auction, and War Criminal Suicide 2017-11-30
The Young Turks 11.27.17: CFPB, Trump Calls Warren Pocahontas, TIME Magazine, and The Access Hollywood Tape 2017-11-29
The Young Turks 11.28.17: Dems vs Trump, Navajo Nation President, North Korea, and Immigration Cops 2017-11-29
The Young Turks 11.22.17: Neil Gorsuch, Lisa Murkowski, Harvey Weinstein, and North Korean Defector 2017-11-23
The Young Turks 11.21.17: Trump Turkey, Dem Wins Special Election, Net Neutrality, and Trump Backs Roy Moore 2017-11-22
The Young Turks 11.20.17: Trump Voter, Kellyanne Flip-Flops, Russell Simmons & Brett Ratner, and Terry Crews 2017-11-21
The Young Turks 11.17.17: Keystone Pipeline, Tax Plan, NorCal Shooter , and Bipartisan Gun Control 2017-11-18
The Young Turks 11.16.17: Al Franken Allegations, Kevin Spacey Investigation 2017-11-17
The Young Turks 11.14.17: Wikileaks, Sessions, Papadopoulos, and Roy Moore 2017-11-15
The Young Turks 11.13.17: Feinstein, Big Pharma Exec, Iran/Iraq Earthquake, and Carbon Emissions 2017-11-14
The Young Turks 11.10.17: Roy Moore & Louis CK 2017-11-11
The Young Turks 11.09.17: Roy Moore, Trump in China, Louis CK, and Terry Crews 2017-11-10

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