<p>A daily satirical news fantasy. From the comedy team behind The Bugle.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Imagine a world just like this one where a man called Trump still runs the free world, where Brexit continues to rage on and climate change continues to simultaneously burn, melt and pour on things. Imagine this world also has podcasts and there is a satirical show that speaks truth to power, but this one is hosted by Alice Fraser, and it's released daily.</strong></p><p><br></p>


Title Date published
92. The Last Post Annual Fools Celebration Special 2020-04-01
91. Markets news! 2020-03-31
90. IT news! 2020-03-30
89. Sunday edition: Property news 2020-03-29
88. Saturday edition: Home workout news 2020-03-28
87. Coronavirus conspiracies 2020-03-27
86. Human Rights news! 2020-03-26
85. Ireland news 2020-03-25
84. Education news! 2020-03-24
83. US news update! 2020-03-23
82. Sunday edition: Sleep news 2020-03-22
81. Saturday edition: Coffee table books 2020-03-21
80. Tips for surviving isolation! 2020-03-20
79. Japan cherry blossom news 2020-03-19
78. British health update 2020-03-18
77. A celebrity guide to being lonely 2020-03-17
76. New York undercover 2020-03-16
75. Sunday edition: High tech underwear news 2020-03-15
74. Saturday edition: Health news 2020-03-14
73. Bank holiday news 2020-03-13

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