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Title Date published
The News Dump of All News Dumps | The Press Box (Ep. 547) 2018-11-27
Big Bad Tech | Damage Control (Ep. 546) 2018-11-21
A Very Goop-y Wedding | Jam Session (Ep. 545) 2018-11-16
Hard Pass Interference | The Press Box (Ep. 544) 2018-11-09
Midterms Madness | Damage Control (Ep. 543) 2018-11-09
Election Reaction Edition | The Press Box (Ep. 542) 2018-11-07
The Celebrity of It All: Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj | Jam Session (Ep. 541) 2018-11-01
CNN and the Bomb, the Francesa Controversies, and Megyn Kelly | The Press Box (Ep. 540) 2018-10-30
Paul Dano on Directing His First Film and Adapting Richard Ford's 'Wildlife' | The Big Picture (Ep. 539) 2018-10-25
Dissecting the Actions of Mohammad bin Salman | Damage Control (Ep. 543) 2018-10-25
Royal Extravaganza and Meghan and Harry’s Baby | Jam Session (Ep. 538) 2018-10-19
Jonah Hill on the Personal and Powerful 'Mid90s' | The Big Picture (Ep. 537) 2018-10-18
Kanye Goes to Washington, the Art of Sidling, and Elizabeth Warren Makes Her Move | The Press Box (Ep. 536) 2018-10-16
'The Oath’ and Ike Barinholtz’s Response to the Chaotic News Cycle | The Big Picture (Ep. 535) 2018-10-12
Finally, Taylor Swift and Gritty Are on the Same Team | Damage Control (Ep. 534) 2018-10-10
Trump's Taxes, 'Venom' vs. 'A Star Is Born,' and the Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi | The Press Box (Ep. 536) 2018-10-09
‘A Star Is Born’: Instant Analysis | The Big Picture (Ep. 535) 2018-10-08
A Star Is Bradley | Jam Session (Ep. 534) 2018-10-03
More Ford-Kavanaugh, the "Rebirth" of the NFL, and Michael Moore | The Press Box (Ep. 533) 2018-10-02
David Lowery on Directing Robert Redford's Final Film, 'The Old Man and the Gun' | The Big Picture (Ep. 532) 2018-09-28

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