The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker catch you up on the biggest media stories, from sports to politics and everything in between. 


Title Date published
'The Big Picture': Making Kick-Ass Liam Neeson Movies With Director Jaume Collet-Serra (Ep. 415) 2018-01-12
'The Press Box': Scooping the Scoop (Ep. 414) 2018-01-09
‘Jam Session’: Golden Globes 2018 and Oprah for President? (Ep. 413) 2018-01-08
This Week in Ringer Sports, Including the Possible Demise of the Patriots Dynasty (Jan. 2-5, 2018) (Ep. 411) 2018-01-06
This Week in Ringer Culture, Including the Chappelle Specials (Jan. 2-5, 2018) (Ep. 412) 2018-01-06
'Damage Control': To Ban or Not to Ban Logan Paul and Donald Trump: That Is the Question (Ep. 410) 2018-01-05
'The Big Picture': The Urgency of ‘The Post’ With Screenwriters Liz Hannah and Josh Singer (Ep. 409) 2017-12-29
'The Press Box': Heroes and Villains (Ep. 408) 2017-12-28
'This Week in Ringer Culture' (Dec. 18-22, 2017) (Ep. 406) 2017-12-23
'This Week in Ringer Sports' (Dec. 18-22, 2017) (Ep. 407) 2017-12-23
'The Big Picture' - The Best Movies of 2017 (Ep. 405) 2017-12-22
'The Press Box': Let The Past Die (Ep. 404) 2017-12-22
‘Star Wars’: The Lean Years (Ep. 403) 2017-12-21
'Damage Control': Two Black Thinkers, Two White Agitators (Ep. 402) 2017-12-20
The Big Picture' - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Is Just the Beginning for Rian Johnson (Ep. 401) 2017-12-18
'This Week in Ringer Culture' (Dec. 11-15, 2017) (Ep. 400) 2017-12-16
'This Week in Ringer Sports' (Dec. 11-15, 2017) (Ep. 399) 2017-12-16
'The Press Box': 'The Last Jedi,' Francesa's Farewell, and the Twitter Quitter (Ep. 398) 2017-12-16
'The Big Picture' - Was 2007 the Best Year for Film? (Ep. 397) 2017-12-15
‘Jam Session’: Armie Hammer, J-Rod Watch, and George Clooney's Bag of Money (Ep. 396) 2017-12-13

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