The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker catch you up on the biggest media stories, from sports to politics and everything in between. 


Title Date published
The NBA Fan’s Guide to the World Series (Ep. 370) 2017-10-27
'The Big Picture' — Ruben Östlund Is Trying to Provoke You (Ep. 369) 2017-10-27
'The Press Box’ — Viva La Mothership (Ep. 368) 2017-10-24
The Big Picture — Todd Haynes on Growing Up and Going ‘Wonderstruck’ (Ep. 367) 2017-10-20
'Jam Session' — A DTR Special: Joe Jonas–Sophie Turner, Jenny Slate–Chris Evans, and Prince Harry–Meghan Markle (Ep. 366) 2017-10-18
'The Big Picture' — Noah Baumbach and Capturing the American Family (Ep. 365) 2017-10-16
‘The Press Box’ — The Empire Wins (Ep. 364) 2017-10-13
'Jam Session' — We’re Talking About Harvey Weinstein (Ep. 363) 2017-10-11
'The Big Picture' — Darren Aronofsky on Pushing the Envelope (Ep. 362) 2017-10-11
‘Jam Session’ — Harvey Weinstein, Kesha, and Gabrielle Union (Ep. 361) 2017-10-06
‘The Press Box’ — Picture Me Trollin' (Ep. 360) 2017-10-05
Remembering Tom Petty (Ep. 359) 2017-10-04
Bill James on His New Book 'The Man From the Train' (Ep. 358) 2017-10-02
'The Big Picture' — Stephen Frears and the Inner Workings of the Royal Family (Ep. 357) 2017-09-29
‘The Press Box’ — A Time of Transition (Ep. 356) 2017-09-29
The Great Rom-Com Debate (Ep. 355) 2017-09-27
‘The Big Picture’ — Dissecting 'Mother!,' the Most Controversial Movie of the Year (Ep. 354) 2017-09-22
‘Jam Session’ — J-Law, 'Big Little Lies' Drama, and More Celebrity Break-ups (Ep. 353) 2017-09-21
'The Big Picture' — Danny Strong and the Recipe for a Classic Biopic (Ep. 352) 2017-09-15
'The Press Box'—Jemele Hill and how politicization affects ESPN (Ep. 351) 2017-09-14

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