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Title Date published
'The Press Box’ — Hedging for the Future (Ep. 373) 2017-11-03
‘Jam Session’ — We Love Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, We Don’t Love Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (Ep. 372) 2017-11-02
'Damage Control' - Keeping It 1950s Woke With ‘Suburbicon’ and ‘Wolfenstein’ (Ep. 371) 2017-10-28
The NBA Fan’s Guide to the World Series (Ep. 370) 2017-10-27
'The Big Picture' — Ruben Östlund Is Trying to Provoke You (Ep. 369) 2017-10-27
'The Press Box’ — Viva La Mothership (Ep. 368) 2017-10-24
The Big Picture — Todd Haynes on Growing Up and Going ‘Wonderstruck’ (Ep. 367) 2017-10-20
'Jam Session' — A DTR Special: Joe Jonas–Sophie Turner, Jenny Slate–Chris Evans, and Prince Harry–Meghan Markle (Ep. 366) 2017-10-18
'The Big Picture' — Noah Baumbach and Capturing the American Family (Ep. 365) 2017-10-16
‘The Press Box’ — The Empire Wins (Ep. 364) 2017-10-13
'Jam Session' — We’re Talking About Harvey Weinstein (Ep. 363) 2017-10-11
'The Big Picture' — Darren Aronofsky on Pushing the Envelope (Ep. 362) 2017-10-11
‘Jam Session’ — Harvey Weinstein, Kesha, and Gabrielle Union (Ep. 361) 2017-10-06
‘The Press Box’ — Picture Me Trollin' (Ep. 360) 2017-10-05
Remembering Tom Petty (Ep. 359) 2017-10-04
Bill James on His New Book 'The Man From the Train' (Ep. 358) 2017-10-02
'The Big Picture' — Stephen Frears and the Inner Workings of the Royal Family (Ep. 357) 2017-09-29
‘The Press Box’ — A Time of Transition (Ep. 356) 2017-09-29
The Great Rom-Com Debate (Ep. 355) 2017-09-27
‘The Big Picture’ — Dissecting 'Mother!,' the Most Controversial Movie of the Year (Ep. 354) 2017-09-22

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