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Title Date published
Ep. 235: ‘Achievement Oriented’ on Test-Driving the Switch and Exploring the Sandbox 2017-01-13
Ep. 234: Interview With 'Hidden Figures' Director Ted Melfi 2017-01-13
Ep. 233: 'The Masked Man Show' on the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels 2017-01-12
Ep. 232: The Sports Movie Hall of Fame: 'Any Given Sunday' 2017-01-11
Ep. 231: ‘Bachelor Party’ With Jade Roper and Peter Scalettar 2017-01-11
Ep. 230: 'Achievement Oriented' on 2017 Trends and the Man Behind Marcus Holloway 2017-01-06
Ep. 229: 'The Masked Man Show' With Dave Schilling 2017-01-04
Ep. 228: ‘Bachelor Party' With the Sports Gal 2017-01-03
Ep. 227: Sports Movie Hall of Fame: 'Moneyball' 2016-12-29
Ep. 226: The Best and Worst of Tech in 2016 2016-12-27
Ep. 225: 'Achievement Oriented' on 'Assassin's Creed,' Video-Game Movies, and the Year of the FPS 2016-12-23
Ep. 224: Inaugural Sports Movie Hall of Fame: 'Jerry Maguire' 2016-12-22
Ep. 223: 'The Masked Man Show' — 2016's Best and Worst of WWE With Dan St. Germain and Steve Kazee 2016-12-21
Ep. 222: 'Achievement Oriented' on the Past and Future of 'Star Wars' Games 2016-12-15
Ep. 221: 'The Masked Man Show' With Clark Duke 2016-12-15
Ep. 220: 'Jam Session' With Juliet Litman and Amanda Dobbins 2016-12-14
Ep. 219: 'Achievement Oriented' on 'The Last Guardian' and 'Westworld' 2016-12-08
Ep. 218: Premier League Contenders, Pretenders, and Surprises With Chris Ryan and Ryan O'Hanlon 2016-12-08
Ep. 217: 'The Masked Man Show' With Peter Rosenberg and LaToya Ferguson 2016-12-08
Ep. 216: 'The Masked Man Show' With Dave Schilling 2016-12-01

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