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Title Date published
Thu. 04/16 - Can over-exercising lower your immunity? 2020-04-16
Wed. 04/15 - A Realistic Look At This Summer... And Next 2020-04-15
Tues. 04/14 - Governors Form Pacts to Reopen the Economy Together 2020-04-14
Mon. 04/13 - Apple and Google to the Rescue? 2020-04-13
Feed Drop - Telescope Podcast 2020-04-11
Fri. 04/10 - The Hero Vet That Flattened The Curve For A Whole Nation 2020-04-10
Thu. 04/09 - Could Runners/Joggers Be Exposing Themselves Even When 6 Feet Apart? 2020-04-09
Wed. 04/08 - Can People Catch Coronavirus Again? Worrying Data Around Low Antibody Levels 2020-04-08
Tue. 04/07 - You Never Want To Be On A Ventilator 2020-04-07
Mon. 04/06 - Why Are People Burning Down Cellphone Towers? 2020-04-06
Fri. 04/03 - Why Are More Young People Dying in the South? And Should You Wear a Mask? 2020-04-03
Thu. 04/02 - How To Reopen Society In Phases 2020-04-02
Wed. 04/01 - Aircraft Carrier Captain Pleads for Help; Pentagon has Ventilators and Testing Capacity… But Nowhere To Send Them 2020-04-01
Tue. 03/31 - Have I Already Had Coronavirus? How Would I Know? 2020-03-31
Mon. 03/30 - New Worry: Aside from Emergency Medicine, Primary Care Medicine Faces Collapse As Well 2020-03-30
A Possible Covid-19 Game Plan To Return To "Normal Life" 2020-03-28
Fri. 03/27 - The Two Tracks of Vaccine Development 2020-03-27
Thu. 03/26 - Is Pinkeye Another Early Symptom of Covid-19? 2020-03-26
Wed. 03/25 - Why is Coronavirus So Hard To Defeat? 2020-03-25
Tue. 03/24 - Cut Back On Social Distancing Now? 2020-03-24

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