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Title Date published
Mon. 03/23 - Is the Sudden Loss of Taste and Smell A Symptom of Covid-19? 2020-03-23
Fri. 03/20 - Younger People Are Getting Sicker Than Anticipated 2020-03-20
Thu. 03/19 - See How Much Capacity Your Local Community Has For Covid-19 Patients; How To Preserve Your Mental Health 2020-03-19
Wed. 03/18 - What Does It Feel Like to Have Covid? What Are The Biggest Myths? 2020-03-18
Tue. 03/17 - “Stealth Transmission” and How Long Will Social Distancing Last? 2020-03-17
Mon. 03/16 - How Long Does It Stay on Surfaces? How Long Can We Rely On Amazon Delivery? 2020-03-16
Sat. 03/14 - Interview With A Seattle Emergency Physician 2020-03-14
Fri. 03/13 - Everything Feels Like It’s Canceled; New Faster Test Gets FDA Approval 2020-03-13
Thu. 03/12 - Trump Suspends Europe-U.S. Travel; What’s Going On With Testing? 2020-03-12
Wed. 03/11 - WHO Declares Pandemic; U.S. Cases Top 1,000; How Far Are We From A Vaccine? 2020-03-11
Tue. 03/10 - New York Activates The National Guard; Soap Is GREAT Against The Virus 2020-03-10
Mon. 03/09 - Italy on the Brink? What Would It Take For That To Happen Here? 2020-03-09
Sun. 03/08 - Italy Locks Down, And Why Aren't We Testing More? 2020-03-08
Introducing the Coronavirus Morning Report 2020-03-04

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