<p>It’s been said our lives are no more than a string of decisions. Thousands of choices made every single day. Most seemingly inconsequential. While others harness the potential to lead us to dark and unforgiving places. Do our choices control our destiny? Or are we all like the gambler who repeatedly rolls the dice, hoping each time for a smile from Lady Luck?</p>


Title Date published
The Luckiest Unluckiest Man 2020-05-20
Little Boy Wonder 2020-05-13
A Watery Grave 2020-05-06
Sole Survivor 2020-04-29
Stranded In The Sea Of Cortez 2020-04-22
Alone In The Amazon 2020-04-22
A Chilling Expedition 2020-01-14
The Trashman 2020-01-14
Introducing - Deadly Misadventures 2020-01-13

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