<p>Comedians Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff shuttle their guests to or from the airport, somewhat dangerously, in a mobile sound studio (a car).</p>


Title Date published
Ep.47 Michelle Biloon 2015-04-14
Ep.46 Jordan Morris returns 2015-04-06
Ep.45 Brendon Walsh 2015-03-23
Ep.44 Bridger Winegar 2015-03-16
Ep.43 Chris Garcia 2015-03-09
Ep.42 Georgia Hardstark 2015-03-02
Ep.41 Sara Shaefer 2015-02-23
Ep.40 Chris Martin 2015-02-16
Ep.39 Jake Johannsen 2015-02-09
Ep.38 Eddie Pepitone 2015-02-02
Ep.37 Howard Kremer 2015-01-26
Ep.36 Drennon Davis 2015-01-19
Ep.35 April Richardson 2015-01-12
Ep.34 The Holiday Bottle Rocket 2014 2014-12-22
Ep.33 Jordan Morris 2014-12-15
Ep.32 Karen And Chris 2014-12-08
Ep.31 Dave Anthony 2014-12-01
Ep.30 Erin Foley 2014-11-24
Ep.29 Matt McCarthy 2014-11-17
Ep.28 Patrick Keane 2014-11-10

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