The Johnjay & Rich Show is a non-stop blend of pop culture, music news and events, and relationship advice, in addition to appearances by a wide range of music artists, newsmakers and celebrities. The show is a special brand of "reality radio," where you're able to interact with the crew from morning to night via every form of social media - Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, email and text messaging. There is never a dull moment for this show with dating segments such as "Second Date Update," "Hump Day, Dump Day" and "War Of The Roses," as well as daily pop culture features including "The Good, The Bad and The Gossip!"


Title Date published
WAR OF THE ROSES 2019-07-18
We were almost on the air today. 2019-07-17
Johnjay & Rich Present: WHAT'CHA WANNA KNOW WEDNESDAY 2019-07-17
I'll pay you back, but only in the way I want to. 2019-07-16
2nd DATE UPDATE 2019-07-16
I wish they all could be California Bills. 2019-07-15
Johnjay & Rich Present: BREAKING BAD NEWS 2019-07-15
This show is full of psychopaths. 2019-07-12
2nd DATE UPDATE 2019-07-12
SING IT WITH ME! *Spoiler-Man, Spoiler-Man... Spoils all of Spider-Man!* 2019-07-11
WAR OF THE ROSES 2019-07-11
There's no stranger thing than Johnjay relating everything to Stranger Things. 2019-07-10
I've never filmed a stranger in a bikini, just me in a banana hammock. 2019-07-09
2nd DATE UPDATE 2019-07-09
Look out! We're back from vacation and lived to tell about it! 2019-07-08
Joey Bradfisch: HE'S ALWAYS WATCHING. 2019-06-28
2nd DATE UPDATE 2019-06-28
Dammit, kid! Stay injured! 2019-06-27
WAR OF THE ROSES 2019-06-27

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