<p>Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&amp;D play podcast.&nbsp; </p>


Title Date published
C3 Ep. 25: A Shocking Strategy (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-12-02
C3 Ep. 24: Serpent Knight (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-11-18
D&D Court: Enema Potions, Unfair PVP & The Item-Swiping Magpie (w/ Jasper William Cartwright) 2022-11-11
C3 Ep. 23: Foster Origins (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-11-04
8-Bit Book Club: "The Hexer" (Original 2001 Polish Witcher Movie) 2022-10-28
C3 Ep. 22: The Ol' Crick (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-10-21
D&D Court: Dungeons, Doggos & DRAMA (w/ Aabria Iyengar) 2022-10-14
C3 Ep. 21: Glen (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-10-07
Tortle Tank: Fighting Birds, Mediocre Gods, and The Hyper Light Cannon 2022-09-29
C3 Ep. 20: The Sapphire Scale (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-09-23
D&D Court: The Spelljammer Rebellion 2022-09-16
C3 Ep. 19: Hunters of the Void (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-09-09
Tortle Tank: Character Tarot, Redirected Spells and the Great Inspiration Bake-Off 2022-09-01
C3 Ep. 18: Shroomrot (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-08-26
D&D Court: The Pooping Cleric 2022-08-19
C3 Ep. 17: The Green Lord (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-08-12
The Tortle Tank: Homebrew Review! (w/ Jasper William Cartwright) 2022-08-05
C3 Ep. 16: The Terrible Fate of Sir Calder (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-07-29
D&D Court: Toxic Tables, Confusing Crits and the Tragic Tale of John the Horse 2022-07-22
C3 Ep. 15: Princess Shiverblight (The Dragon Elf Chronicles) 2022-07-15

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