<p>Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&amp;D play podcast.&nbsp;</p>


Title Date published
Ep. 73: Pandemonium (Mage Madness with Zac Oyama) 2019-08-16
Ep. 72: Hippogriffs & Stardust (Mage Madness with Zac Oyama) 2019-08-09
Ep. 71: The Gladeholm Wizard Tournament (Mage Madness with Zac Oyama) 2019-08-02
BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 8 - Crystal Chaos 2019-07-29
Ep. 70: Reborn (On the Road Again) 2019-07-26
Ep. 69: The Dark Lord of Ember Heaven (The Shadowfell Saga) 2019-07-19
Ep. 68: Grave Robbers (The Shadowfell Saga) 2019-07-12
Ep. 67: The Kraken's Hunger (The Shadowfell Saga) 2019-07-04
Ep. 66: Unholy Pilgrimage (The Shadowfell Saga) 2019-06-28
NADDPOD Live in Chicago (The Mean Teen Jamborween) 2019-06-20
Ep. 65: Ashes to Ashes (The Shadowfell Saga) 2019-06-13
BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 7 - Mansion Mayhem 2019-06-10
Ep. 64: The Cybin Siblings (The Shadowfell Saga with Brennan Lee Mulligan) 2019-06-06
Ep. 63: Grimhawk Manor (The Shadowfell Saga with Brennan Lee Mulligan) 2019-05-30
Ep. 62: The Knights of Penance (The Shadowfell Saga with Brennan Lee Mulligan) 2019-05-23
Ep. 61: Gutless (The Shadowfell Saga with Brennan Lee Mulligan) 2019-05-16
Ep. 60: Deadeye (The Shadowfell Saga with Brennan Lee Mulligan) 2019-05-09
Ep. 59: Blood Rain (The Shadowfell Saga) 2019-05-02
BONUS CAMPAIGN - Trinyvale Ep. 6: Dragon Duel 2019-04-27
Hearthside Chats #3 (Q&A) 2019-04-20

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