<p>Welcome to <strong>NADDPOD!</strong> Join Dungeon Master Brian Murphy as he leads players Emily Axford, Caldwell Tanner and Jake Hurwitz on a comedic, actual-play adventure through the realms of Bahumia and Beyond. The show also features a score composed and performed by Emily Axford.</p><p>This team has created a variety of D&amp;D campaigns, as well as numerous other series such as <strong>DUNGEON COURT</strong> and <strong>8-BIT BOOK CLUB</strong>. They also occasionally hit the road and roll dice live on stage.</p>


Title Date published
C3 Ep. 63: Court with No Crowns (A Faerie Tale Ending) 2024-07-19
Surprise Round! - The Bandicoot Method 2024-07-12
C3 Ep. 62: Knight's Plight (A Faerie Tale Ending) 2024-07-05
D&D Court: Doff Squads, Sinful Twinspells and The Wild Magic Tragedy 2024-06-28
C3 Ep. 61: The Wild Ones (A Faerie Tale Ending) 2024-06-21
Surprise Round! - Oops! All Uncles Edition 2024-06-14
Pathfinder Two-Shot: Ballad of the Twin Flames (Part 2) 2024-06-07
Pathfinder Two-Shot: Menace Under Otari (Part 1) 2024-05-31
D&D Court: Soggy Firbolgs, Goodberry Hacks and The "Heat Metal" Hearings 2024-05-24
C3 Ep. 60: Peregrine (The Ice Knife Saga) 2024-05-17
Surprise Round! - A Show of Unhinged Hypotheticals 2024-05-10
C3 Ep. 59: Havoc (The Ice Knife Saga) 2024-05-03
D&D Court: Trash Can Spaghetti (w/ Karina Farek & Nathan Yaffe) 2024-04-26
C3 Ep. 58: Giant Egos (The Ice Knife Saga) 2024-04-18
Trinyvale One-Shot: Enter the Media Dimension 2024-04-12
C3 Ep. 57: Cold Hard Truths (The Ice Knife Saga) 2024-04-05
D&D Court: Elk Dockers, PC Meatshields and The TPK Extraordinaire 2024-03-29
C3 Ep. 56: Diviner (The Ice Knife Saga) 2024-03-22
Super Mario Adventure Book: Pipe Down! (w/ Adam Conover) 2024-03-15
C3 Ep. 55: Big Brother (The Ice Knife Saga) 2024-03-08

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