<p>Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&amp;D play podcast.&nbsp; </p>


Title Date published
C3 Ep. 11: Beatrix (The Mothership Saga) 2022-05-19
8-Bit Book Club: Choose Your Own D&D Adventure 2022-05-12
C3 Ep. 10: To the Airship! (The Mothership Saga) 2022-05-06
D&D Court: The Angeled Egg (w/ Aabria Iyengar) 2022-04-29
C3 Ep. 9: Lightkeepers (The Mothership Saga) 2022-04-23
C3 Ep. 8: Beneath the Surface (The Mothership Saga) 2022-04-15
C3 Ep. 7: Ma Goblin's Mob Goblin (The Mothership Saga) 2022-04-08
D&D Court: Pilfered Portents, Hidden Ents and The Great Food Truck Race 2022-04-01
C3 Ep. 6: The Man Wizard & His Bunny Bud (The Mothership Saga) 2022-03-25
C3 Ep. 5: Psi Guys (The Mothership Saga) 2022-03-18
C3 Ep. 4: A Frog in the Fog (The Mothership Saga) 2022-03-11
D&D Court: Wilson Wows and Tyson Twists (w/ Zac Oyama) 2022-03-03
C3 Ep. 3: Missing Soldier (The Mothership Saga) 2022-02-25
C3 Ep. 2: Symbol of Ezry (The Mothership Saga) 2022-02-18
C3 Ep. 1: D-Class Knights (The Mothership Saga) 2022-02-11
D&D Court: Psychic Kittens and Abyssal Chickens 2022-01-28
Trinyvale LIVE in Chicago (The Dog and Pony Show) 2022-01-21
C3 Ep. 0 - Welcome Back to Bahumia 2022-01-13
D&D Court: Table Tattlers (w/ Jeremy Cobb) 2022-01-06
Campaign 3 Announcement & Discussion 2021-12-30

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