<p>Bill Nye is on a mission to change the world— one phone call at a time. He’ll tackle your curliest questions on just about anything in the universe. Give him a call! Perhaps you’ve wondered: Should I stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change? How often should I really be washing my pillowcase? Can I harvest energy from all those static-electricity shocks I get in the winter? With a little help from his co-host Corey S. Powell, field experts, and special celebrity guests, Bill will answer those questions and convince you that science rules!</p>


Title Date published
Loose Nukes? You Betcha 2019-06-20
What's on Your Mind in That Brain of Yours? 2019-06-13
Heredity & Me 2019-06-06
How to Die Young at an Old Age 2019-05-30
The Right Drug for the Right Bug 2019-05-23
Coming Soon: Science Rules! 2019-04-23

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