<p>Bill Nye is on a mission to change the world &mdash; one voicemail at a time. Bill and science writer Corey S. Powell take your burning questions and put them to the world's leading experts on just about every topic in the universe. Should you stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change? Could alien life be swimming inside the moons of Jupiter and Saturn? Does your pet parakeet learn to sing the way that you learned to speak? Bill, Corey, and their special guests will answer those questions and convince you that... science rules!</p>


Title Date published
Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered 2020-03-31
Coronavirus: What The Numbers Tell Us 2020-03-27
Real Fears, Fake Risks 2020-03-26
Coronavirus: Where Are The Tests? 2020-03-24
Fires and Climate Change: A Vicious Cycle 2020-03-19
Coronavirus: How Afraid Should You Be? 2020-03-12
Can Carbon Capture Reverse Climate Change? 2020-03-05
Wrestling with Einstein 2020-02-27
Are We Still Evolving? 2020-02-20
Your Relationship (With Your Germs) 2020-02-13
The Mystery of Memory 2020-02-06
Flight on an Alien Moon 2020-01-30
To Have Kids Or Not To 2019-12-26
Why Space Should Be Explored 2019-12-19
Do Vitamins Even Do Anything? 2019-12-12
The Secret To Your Diet 2019-12-05
Energy & You 2019-11-28
OMG, GMOs! 2019-11-21
How To Be Happy 2019-11-14
Underwater Clues About Aliens 2019-11-07

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