<p>Ever wanted to know how music affects your brain, what quantum mechanics really is, or how black holes work? Do you wonder why you get emotional each time you see a certain movie, or how on earth video games are designed? Then you’ve come to the right place. Each week, Sean Carroll will host conversations with some of the most interesting thinkers in the world. From neuroscientists and engineers to authors and television producers, Sean and his guests talk about the biggest ideas in science, philosophy, culture and much more.</p>


Title Date published
141 | Zeynep Tufekci on Information and Attention in a Networked World 2021-04-05
140 | Dean Buonomano on Time, Reality, and the Brain 2021-03-29
139 | Elizabeth Anderson on Equality, Work, and Ideology 2021-03-22
138 | Daryl Morey on Analytics, Psychology, and Basketball 2021-03-15
AMA | March 2021 2021-03-10
137 | Justin Clarke-Doane on Mathematics, Morality, Objectivity, and Reality 2021-03-08
136 | Roderick Graham on Cyberspace, Race, and Cultural Conservatism 2021-03-01
135 | Shadi Bartsch on Plato, Vergil, Confucius, and Modernity 2021-02-22
AMA | February 2021 2021-02-17
134 | Robert Sapolsky on Why We Behave the Way We Do 2021-02-15
133 | Ziya Tong on Realities We Don't See 2021-02-08
Bonus | AIP Oral History Interview 2021-02-04
132 | Michael Levin on Growth, Form, Information, and the Self 2021-02-01
131 | Avi Loeb on Taking Aliens Seriously 2021-01-25
130 | Frank Wilczek on the Present and Future of Fundamental Physics 2021-01-18
129 | Solo: Democracy in America 2021-01-11
128 | Joseph Henrich on the Weirdness of the West 2021-01-04
Holiday Message 2020 | The Screwy Universe 2020-12-21
127 | Erich Jarvis on Language, Birds, and People 2020-12-14
AMA | December 2020 2020-12-09

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