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Title Date published
Cosmic Queries – Neuroscience 2019-03-22
Einstein’s Genius, with Ron Howard 2019-03-15
#ICYMI - NASCAR vs Formula 1 2019-03-14
Vaccines – Let’s Make America Smart Again 2019-03-08
Cosmic Queries – Across the Universe 2019-03-01
#ICYMI - Wrestling with Physics, with Neil deGrasse Tyson 2019-02-28
Cosmic Queries – The New Space Race 2019-02-22
#ICYMI - Ironman Triathlon, with Mark Allen 2019-02-22
Cosmic Queries – Out There 2019-02-15
Cosmic Queries – Space Exploration 2019-02-08
#ICYMI - Esports, with NicoThePico 2019-02-07
Cosmic Queries – The End of The World, with Josh Clark 2019-02-01
#ICYMI - SEASON PREMIERE: 2019 Big Game Special, with Neil deGrasse Tyson 2019-02-01
A Conversation with Dr. Mae Jemison 2019-01-25
Inside The Big Bang Theory, with Simon Helberg and Bill Prady 2019-01-18
Fighting, Philosophy, and the Primal Mind, with Joe Rogan 2019-01-11
Food, Science, and Culture, with Anthony Bourdain 2019-01-04
Extended Classic – Cosmic Queries: Colonizing Mars 2018-12-28
Extended Classic – Cosmic Queries: The Space Race 2018-12-21
Extended Classic: Cosmic Queries - Office Hours 2018-12-14

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