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Title Date published
#ICYMI - Extended Classic: The Science of “The Catch” 2017-12-28
Extraterrestrial Mashup 2017-12-22
#ICYMI - Extended Classic: The Immaculate Reception 2017-12-21
Cosmic Queries: Altered States, with Bill Nye 2017-12-15
#ICYMI: Planet Soccer: Science and Technology 2017-12-14
Cosmic Queries: Time and Higher Dimensions 2017-12-08
#ICYMI - Snowboarding: Shreddin' the Gnar 2017-12-07
Cosmic Queries: Mysterious Cosmology, with Sean Carroll 2017-12-01
#ICYMI - Space Jam: Basketball Cosmic Queries, with Neil deGrasse Tyson 2017-11-30
A Conversation with Andy Weir – Special Bonus Episode 2017-11-30
Cosmic Queries Astrophysics Mashup 2017-11-24
#ICYMI - Extended Classic: The Art of the Hail Mary 2017-11-23
Cosmic Queries: Defending our Planet, with Bill Nye 2017-11-17
#ICYMI - World Series Slugfest, with Neil deGrasse Tyson 2017-11-16
Cosmic Queries Live: Galactic Gumbo Edition 2017-11-10
#ICYMI: Physics on Wheels, with Dr. Skateboard & Othello Clark 2017-11-09
Human Augmentation with Adam Savage and Neil deGrasse Tyson 2017-11-03
#ICYMI: Baseball: The Perfect Game 2017-11-02
The Power of Political Satire, with Bill Maher 2017-10-27
#ICYMI - World Series Throwback Special 2017-10-26

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