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Title Date published
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, with Jill Tarter 2017-06-02
#ICYMI: Cosmic Queries: The Physics of Soccer 2017-06-01
Cosmic Queries: Potpourri Vol. 2 2017-05-26
#ICYMI - Baseball - Home Run Physics 2017-05-25
Science Literacy in the Misinformation Age - #LMASA 2017-05-19
#ICYMI: Football: Crushing the Combine 2017-05-18
The Power of Science Fiction, with William Shatner 2017-05-12
#ICYMI - The Art of the Hail Mary 2017-05-11
The Rise of Self-Driving Cars 2017-05-05
#ICYMI - Slam Dunk Science (Part 2) 2017-05-04
StarTalk Live! Let’s Make America Smart Again (Part 2) 2017-04-28
#ICYMI - Slam Dunk Science (Part 1) 2017-04-27
StarTalk Live! Let’s Make America Smart Again (Part 1) 2017-04-21
#ICYMI - Baseball: Physics at the Plate 2017-04-20
Extended Classic: Space Chronicles (Part 1) 2017-04-14
The Science of Sports, with Hope Solo 2017-04-07
#ICYMI - Hockey: Physics on Ice (Part 2) 2017-04-06
Cosmic Queries: Galactic Gumbo 2017-03-31
#ICYMI: Hockey: Physics on Ice (Part 1) 2017-03-30
Science and Technology in the Military, with Ash Carter 2017-03-24

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