Science, pop culture and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up! New episodes premiere Monday nights at 7pm ET.


Title Date published
Extended Classic – Cosmic Queries Holiday Edition 2016-12-23
Maker Mix, with Bill Nye (Part 1) – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-12-20
The Lunar Legacy, with Buzz Aldrin 2016-12-16
Science Gets Fabulous, with Summer Ash and Emily Rice – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-12-13
Bringing Science to Life, with Ben Stiller 2016-12-09
Exploring Exoplanets, with Seth Shostak – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-12-06
Surviving on Mars, with Andy Weir 2016-12-02
StarTalk All-Stars at NY Comic Con – The Science of Science Fiction 2016-11-29
Extended Classic: The Salt of the Earth (Part 1) 2016-11-25
Women in Science, with Summer Ash and Emily Rice – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-11-22
The Beauty of Mathematics, with Jeremy Irons 2016-11-18
Hunting for Black Holes, with Janna Levin - StarTalk All-Stars 2016-11-15
The “Science” of Zombies and the Walking Dead, with Robert Kirkman 2016-11-11
StarTalk All-Stars at Star Trek Mission NY – The Science of Star Trek 2016-11-08
“Is Our Universe a Simulation?” with Brian Greene 2016-11-04
UFOs and Possible Aliens, with Seth Shostak – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-11-01
Extended Classic: Zombie Apocalypse (Part 1) 2016-10-28
Cosmic Queries - Expanding Our Perspectives, with Bill Nye – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-10-25
The Physics and Fantasy of Time Travel 2016-10-21
Calling ET, with Dr. FunkySpoon – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-10-18

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